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Annie-The author formerly known as Satindolls
15 October 1969
♣ About Me

Welcome to my journal! I'm an Harry Potter fan and lover of all things Ron Weasley. I currently reside in Mason, Ohio I am a single parent of twin girls who just turned 16. I enjoy a good cup of coffee, a good book, music, and traveling. I do quite a bit of writing--most of which can be found on my fic journal: annieficsor The Quidditch Pitch.

My journal consist of a great deal of my family life, Harry Potter, silliness, and writing. I try to stay light but randomly I give into my temper and have a short rant. I don't do a great deal of political ranting or posting not because I'm not politically minded but because I'm here to have a great time. Besides, honestly, what do I know about anything!

I work full-time plus in project management and coordinating Global Mobility Payroll in HR Shared Services. In the last year and a half I have developed major health issues including Diabetes, Sleep Apnea, and COB (Chronic Obstructive Bronchitis). I spend a great deal of time just trying to get by.

My presence on here has diminished a great deal due to the death of Simons_Flower.

If you just want to read my stories feel free to friend my story journal or look me up on The Quidditch Pitch

Disclaimer: Annie is not responsible for anything that makes you spew liquid onto your keyboard. She can not be held liable for anything silly, smutty, and/or insane.
I'm also the reason all the rum is gone
Fandom ♦

Where do I begin? First and foremost I am one of the founding Captains of The Quidditch Pitch.I spend a great deal of time thinking up new ideas for the site TQP has a brilliant staff of beta readers, coordinators, and co-captains. I'm having very much fun on the site.

I write for hptriquetra do a bit of fan fiction writing on the side. You'll find I mostly write Ron/Harry, Ron/Hermione, and Trio. Although there are times when I pick up other characters. My thought is that you should read and write what you like. If you don't like the pairing don't read it!

As I said before I am a huge Ron fan! I'm also a fan of Rupert and Dan.

I also have begun to venture out into the Star Trek Reboot Fandom—not a writer just a lover of Kirk/McCoy.

In an ideal world fandom is suppose to be fun so if you don't want to have fun, be silly, and to laugh a lot you might as well move on from my journal!
♥ Misc Stuff

• Some of my favorite things are: Coffee, Ron, Smut, My kids, Jimmy Buffett,The Ocean, Chocolate
Friends, Harry Potter, Slash, Things that go splodey!
• Definitions:
Splodey: When things blow up.
The Shiny: Things that distract you when you should be doing work or writing.
Coffee Bitch: The Captain that is suppose to fetch the coffee.

Friending Policy ♠

My friending policy is simple. If you friend me I'll most likely friend you back unless you have no journal entries or appear to be a troll. If you decide you want to defriend me just let me know no harm no foul I don't like wank or flames so if you're here for that move on again because I will use Wingardium Leviosa and hit you over the head with a club.

My journal is friends only except for pimping The Quidditch Pitch

In my journal you'll find lots of writing, lots of family stuff, and a great deal of silliness. Friend at your own risk!

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